Saturday, November 08, 2008

Prozac Please.......

If the right people would have seen me yesterday having a little hissy fit in the middle of Dexter Avenue in the pouring rain, let's just say I may have been taken away in a strait jacket, loaded up on some sedatives, given shock therapy and put in a room full of people starring at paint chips on the walls.
It seems our little black cloud of bad luck has chosen to stay a little while longer. Every week for the past month or so something has gone wrong with an appliance or a vehicle. And it always seems to be somewhere around a $500.00 expense. Except for me stepping on Buddy's laptop. I don't want to remind myself how much that was

This week: (yesterday)
The motor in my automatic window broke and of course (Murphy's Law) it was raining! So, I was standing in the pouring rain getting soaking wet, while trying to hold and umbrella in one hand, tape a bag over the window with the other hand while talking to Buddy on the cell with my third hand (ha). I yelled a sweet lady who was only trying to help... Then I started crying. But, I needed to get dry so I sat in the car and hung the umbrella out the window so it would block the rain from coming in on me as I sat there feeling sorry for myself. It was a big black umbrella so the privacy was good!

I was finally able to get the bag taped over the window and met Buddy and the kids at Chris's Hot Dogs for lunch to switch his truck for my CRV. Since I was going back to work, we wanted my car parked safely under the garage so it would not get wet until we could get the window fixed.

Anyway, I don't know if it was the stress of the day or the fact that my seizure meds are being adjusted but, I was sitting down to eat and I had a seizure right in the middle of Chris's Hot Dogs.
I was doing so good too. Several ladies sitting around us helped out with the kids as Buddy helped me. The kids were sweet and Sean wanted to pray for me.

Today I was bummed that I could not make the blog luncheon. Buddy is driving me! So, I pulled myself out of my depressive funk and got my little Fancy Lily all dolled up to go to her friend's Fancy Nancy party. We all went, even Sean dressed up. As Indiana Jones of course.
And now I am sitting here watching the Alabama/LSU game. more stress aaagggg! Where's my meds?????


Amy said...

I can only laugh because the same thing happened to me yesterday too. Only my driver side window has been sticking for a while- I have found that I can normally pull it up if I do that while I press the button. Of course yesterday was not one of those days, and I left it rolled down when i got home with Bennett thinking that we had a good while before it rained. I also thought that it would not be a big deal because the nice weather men said that we weren't going to get much rain. HA Of course it started raining much sooner than was forcaseted and much harder. I ran outside when I heard the rain and of course, of course this was the one day it did not want to cooperate.......So I can feel your pain and frustration :)

Me said...

bless your heart! but would you believe Johnny just last week replaced MY switch set for the driver's side automatic window in MY car?! must be gremlins trying to make us lose our sanity :)