Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pinkalicious party pictures

Here are the pictures from the party finally. There were so many. I was just going to put them in a slide show instead of posting them but I could not get photobucket up for some reason. So I just did a few collages to minimize the amount of pictures since I really wanted to show them all.
We had so much fun and I am finally recovering. I did some more cleaning today. I was taking some decorations down today and Lily walked in and said in a very matter of fact voice, "WAIT! you are supposed to leave those up there until I go to college. I still have a few more birthdays you know"! Where on earth does she get the things she says from.

Blowing out the candles and cupcake tower

Tables with pink foods, green foods table and sweets table

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Kristi said...

You should give my Dad a call. He would love to work on the clock...

Great pics, too. Lily is a lucky and special girl!

Melissa Lester said...

What a beautiful party! It looks abolutely Pinkalicious! And since pink is my favorite color, that is the highest compliment in my book. Lily looks adorable, and those are great pictures you displayed of her. You captured so many great photos during the party. I am so glad you shared them with us!

Christina said...

OH MY!!! Look at this fun party!!!
I found your site googling Pinkalicious parties! My daughter wants one for her 5th in March so I'm gathering ideas! Would you perhaps have your photos uploaded to a gallery somewhere where I can really take a close peek?!? This looks like my kind of party! I'm really excited about planning I think after Valentine's Day I can find some good "pinkalicious deals!" lol

I LOVE planning kids parties! Here's one I just did for the girls in my other daughters 1st grade class.

Thanks so much for your ideas!!!
Christina in Arkansas

Heidi said...

Thanks for the compliments. I was actually quite impressed by your party. I could certainly use a few of your ideas. That was a great looking party. I was unable to get on your site and actually unable to email you. I tried but could not seem to get the email to go through. If you still want some pics though there are actually quite a few pictures past this post. Just go through the blog itself
and scroll down. There are several posts on the party with pictures. I also have facebook with about 60 pictures posted. You can find it under Heid Murphy and it should nt be listed as private if you have an account and want to check it out. If you need any other help I will be glad to send you files. I have some great plans, food ideas, invitation files, party game files and much more. Just email me at and I will be glad to help.

kristin said...

Adorable party!! I'm having a party coming up for my daughter, where did you find the cute polka dot cupcake plates?? thanks!

Heidi said...

Hey Kristen...
I found them at Michaels. This was such a fun party to give. If you want any other ideas or advice just email me at