Saturday, November 08, 2008

Meet Leo

The Murphy Family is officially in the Market for a pet! um, excuse me! A doggie. We have all been talking about what king of dog we want and it seems we absolutely can't agree. I want a cute little lap dog and Buddy wants a great big dog. Sean has been very outspoken about wanting a small brown and white dog. Lily really has not had an opinion either way. She just wants a doggie. All of our differences melted away when we met Leo today. Leo is a Great Dane who may possibly be up for adoption. Our Goddaughter works for a humane shelter and brought him home for the weekend. She thought we would like to meet him. He is the sweetest dog and the kids fell in love right away.

Sean put his Indiana Jones hat on him, and Lily put her pink feather boa on him... He was a great sport!

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