Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sick kids

We tried. Sooner or later it was bound to happen though.

Sean has had a great run of 5 1/2 years with superior immunities. With the occasional cold, a few bouts with croup and mononucleosis last year he has finally succumbed to a sinus infection and was put on his first round of an antibiotic in his entire life.
I know it sounds silly but I am not taking it easily. We were very proud of the fact that our child has never had to have an antibiotic. It seemed to surprise people given his age. Even his pediatrician seemed impressed when he looked back on the chart and realized how old he was and and how well he had been. Each year as he turned another year older we impressed the doctor with "still no infections or antibiotics". He attributed it mostly to the fact that he was at home with me most of the time and not in daycare.
As he got a little older he went to "school" half days but still stayed really well. I used to swear it was because he was a breastfed baby. But, I have friends who nursed their babies and the children stay sick. I guess it pretty much depends on the child's own immune system. Sean was blessed with really good immunities just like his daddy. Lets just hope he keeps it up and this antibiotic he is taking will not be a new trend for him.

Lily on the other hand was not so blessed. She seems to have inherited my terrible lungs (lets hope not) She has already had pneumonia and bronchitis a few times in her short life.

We spent yesterday in the pediatrician's office with them. They both have sinus infections and Lily has Bronchitis. They also ran strep cultures on them which came back negative at the time. Today the office called us to say that Lily's was positive after all.
So, poor Lily has a sinus infection, strep throat and bronchitis. She is of course on an antibiotic as well.

She slept most of the day today but does seem to feel a little better tonight. two days of the meds may seem to be working. Sean is definitely feeling better already.

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