Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy week & Sean's birthday

Last week was a very busy week. Beginning with church choir programs for both kids, school programs & parties, and ending with Sean's birthday party. I have so many pictures to share. I don't really like sharing them in a collage, but there are just to many. If you click on the collage, you should be able to get a closer look at the pictures. I am working on some slide shows and maybe a video clip or two.

Sean's birthday party was a blast!

We had all the food catered in and hired Darth Vader to entertain the kids. I made the boys Jedi robes and the girls wore Princess Leia robes. The "Yoda Soda" that I made to drink was a big hit with the kids. We bought light sabers for each of the boys and they all "battled" it out in the back yard. After the party as the guests were leaving, I heard several boys saying "I want my party to be Star Wars too"!

I think I may be ready for another party in about 6 months. Ha! I really am glad that the Sean and Lily have birthdays so far apart. It does give me plenty of time to recuperate and plan :-)

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The Jones' said...

WOW!! I am sooo impressed. Cannot believe how busy it sounds like you have been. Looks like a great party and your kiddos are beautiful!