Saturday, May 09, 2009

Planning Sean's 6th Birthday party

We spent much of today preparing for Sean's 6th birthday party next Saturday. It was so much fun planning the details with him and deciding what to serve and what games to play. The biggest excitement of all was deciding to book Darth Vader as the surprise guest.

I am going to take it easy this year and have Chick-fil-a catered in. Icing Illusions will do the cake and I am also making cupcakes to line the middle of the table and made to look light a green light saber. I will make a "Yoda Soda" as I had originally planned and he is really excited about that. It will be a green punch of sorts....

I am planning to have little Jedi robes (capes) made for each of the boys and I will do some white ones for the girls (Princess Leia). I will ties them with some rope and silver ribbons.

One very important detail that I was a little late getting made were the invitations. I wanted them to be unique but was at a loss.

Thanks to the help of my great friend Jennifer this is what we came up with. Since these are a little late, I have already called many people and will send some e-vites out. This was an extra special touch I did not want to leave out. I think the boys will get a big kick out of these.

Thank you Jennifer!!! I love these!!!!


Amy said...

too cute!!! Bennett is so excited!

Graham Shenanigans said...

cute cute cute...i can't wait to see the pics...wanna meet for coffee or lunch one day this week?

The Jones' said...

It all sounds and looks great. Cannot believe you can do all of this after being in the hospital! We love our kiddos though!! I hate we are not in Prattville anymore....missing too many great birthday parties : )

The Cole Family said...

Gosh. I am so mad at myself. I really want Sophia to attend the party. She loves Sean so much. I am seriously thinking about not letting her dance in her recital. I am so frustrated. :( I got to thinking by the time she gets up to dance her two numbers, we will skip the grand finale, and we have to wait for them to let her go(they do not let you back stage to get your kid) the party will just about be over. Maybe Sophia can spend the night with you guys, or something. I'll have to do some hard serious thinking. :) We will be over that day one way or the other!! :)