Friday, May 01, 2009

My sweet co-workers

I have been resting at home for the last few weeks after a little accident at work. Birthdays are always a big deal where I work. For the children, there is a special song we sing after the happy birthday song that says: "we're glad you were born". It is very sweet and never fails to bring tears to my eyes. In fact I still have Sean's "celebration of life" from his Montessori class on video. Anyway, we always get together for the teachers and try to do something special. A card goes around and each person signs it and we will be surprised in class with out favorite flowers and a gift card and usually a chocolate cake of some sort. AND of course the Birthday songs... I was feeling a little down that I would not be at work for my birthday so imagine my shock and surprise when several of my co-workers brightened my day by showing up on my front porch with "the works" from the school. My favorite Calla Lillies, a chocolate cake, a gift card from Kohls, the sweetest little card painted by my "kids" and one from my co-workers, personal gifts from some of them (thank you Carmen, Jen & Gert) and they stood in front of my house and very loudly sang the "happy birthday song" followed by "we're glad you were born"! How sweet is that?


Graham Shenanigans said...

awww. that was sweet!!! is today your birthday? Happy birthday!!!

EmmyJMommy said...

I love M.A.! We will miss it so much...we have been there since 2002!!! Hard to believe I won't be driving on that gravel 5 days a week after July!