Monday, May 18, 2009

Lily's K3 Preschool program & end of year party

Lily had her end of year program and party on Friday May 15th
She was really cute performing, and at one point she even yelled out "Hi Daddy"!
It was priceless. After the program we went back to her class and she presented us with a big book of some very special "work" she had done for us.
The day was all about Lily since there was still more excitement to come. We all went to a park where the end of the year party was held. It was exciting watching her play with all of her Friends and capturing some very special moments of her. Sean was still at school so we really enjoyed getting to spend some time with just her.
After the party we headed over to Chappy's Deli where a few other parents and her friends were having lunch. It was a very special day!

Lily's program marked the end of K3 - now it's off K4 - Our baby girl is growing up!

Lily with a few of her friends and her teacher

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